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Latest Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-135 pdf

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Test your Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-135 exam level

Which of the following statements concerning IGMP are correct? (Choose all that apply.)
A. With IGMPvl, queries are sent to a specific group.
B. Hosts issuing IGMPvl requests will be correctly interpreted by IGMPv2 hosts due to backward compatibility.
C. An IGMPv2 router will ignore IGMPv2 leave messages when IGMFVl hosts are present.
D. With IGMFV2, a leave message is supported.
E. An IGMPv2 host will send an IGMFVl report on an IGMFVl router.
F. An IGMPv2 router can only allow IGMPv2 hosts to execute a join request.
Correct Answer: CDE


In what situation would the command ip helper-address be required? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Only when there is a duplicate IP address caused by a combination of static and dynamic IP address allocations
B. On each router that exists between the client and the server
C. Only when a router separates the client from the server
D. Only if the DHCP sever issues a DHCPNAK to the initial request
E. Only when the client is on the same subnet as the server
F. Only when the DHCP pool is out of IP addresses
Correct Answer: C


Which are valid AAA authentications methods?
A. Line
B. Local
Correct Answer: AB

Which of the following are valid methods of providing a router with information concerning the location of the RP?
(Choose all that apply.)
A. Statically defined RP
B. Bootstrap Router
C. Auto-RP
D. RP Discovery Protocol (RDP)
E. RP Helios
Correct Answer: ABC


Examine the output from R1. Interface FastEthernet0/0 is used for all management of the device. A client is able to
connect to R1 on port 22, however, they are unable to connect on port 23. What is the cause of the problem?lead4pass 300-135 exam question q5

A. Management Plane Protection (MPP) is enabled, which only allows SSH.
B. Telnet and SSH are not allowed at the same time.
C. Management Plane Protection (MPP) is enabled on the wrong interface.
D. Management Plane Protection (MPP) is enabled, however telnet is not allowed.
Correct Answer: D


I—fa0/0—router branch 1—–S0/2—–Core—S0/1—Router HQ———fa2/1 Branch 1 : Tu 1 = L1 = S0/2 = Fa0/0 =
HQ : TU 1 = L1 = S0/1 = Fa2/1 =
Refer to exhibit. which Ip Address shold be configured as the tunnel source on the HQ router for maximum resiliency ?
Correct Answer: B


Using the divide and conquer approach, drag the troubleshooting steps on the left onto the corresponding description on
the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 300-135 exam question q7

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 300-135 exam question q7-1


Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 300-135 exam question q8

The administrator has successfully logged into R1 but is unable to access privileged mode commands Which
configuration is causing the problem?
A. The password on the VTY lines does not match the username password.
B. The username command uses password, not secret
C. Enable secret or enable password must be configured
D. The aaa authorization reverse-access command is missing.
Correct Answer: C


The following command is issued on a Cisco Router:
Router(configuration)#logging console warnings
Which alerts will be seen on the console?
A. Warnings only
B. debugging, informational, notifications, warnings
C. warnings, errors, critical, alerts, emergencies
D. notifications, warnings, errors
E. warnings, errors, critical, alerts
Correct Answer: C
Cisco routers prioritize log messages into 8 levels (0-7), as shown below:
LevelLevel NameDescription 0 Emergencies System is unusable 1 Alerts Immediate action needed 2 Critical Critical
conditions 3 Errors Error conditions 4 Warnings Warning conditions 5 Notifications Informational messages 6
Informational Normal but significant conditions 7 Debugging Debugging messages
When you enable logging for a specific level, all logs of that severity and greater (numerically less) will be logged. In this
case, when you enable console logging of warning messages (level 4), it will log levels 0-4, making the correct answer
warnings, errors, critical, alerts, and emergencies.


A new router is added to an existing HSRP standby group. One of the existing routers is in an active state, the other is
in a standby state. Under what circumstance will the new router become the active router?
A. The new router will become active immediately because it\\’s the newest router introduced into the group.
B. The new router can become active only when the existing active router and the existing standby router become
C. The new router has a lower priority value.
D. The new router will never become active unless the existing active router becomes unavailable.
E. The new router has preempt configured and a higher priority
F. The new router has a higher priority value.
Correct Answer: E


A question about restrict access for device on management plane? (Choose two.)
A. Enable Cisco Express Forward (CEF) globally.
B. Add authentication for routing protocols.
C. Restrict physical access.
D. Add ACLs for Telnet.
Correct Answer: AD


An exhibit with three routers A, B and C. Router A is connected to Router B. Router B is connected to Router C.lead4pass 300-135 exam question q12

The output of “show interface Tunnel 1” on Router C shows that the tunnel is in “up/ down” state. The question asks
what is the reason for this.
A. Router C does not have a route to the loopback interface of Router A
B. The tunnel mode should be changed to “gre mode multipoint”
Correct Answer: A


You must add encryption to a GRE tunnel. Which IPsec configuration is recommended for a VPN with NAT
A. Enable SHA on the tunnel
B. Implement IPsec transport mode
C. Enable MD5 on the tunnel
D. Implement IPsec tunnel mode
Correct Answer: D

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