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Which command is used to upgrade a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cluster (TKG) to a different kubernetes version?

A. tkg cluster upgrade –k8s-version
B. tkg upgrade cluster –kubernetes-version
C. tkg cluster upgrade –kubernetes-version
D. tkg upgrade cluster –version


What is the command to find out the available node base operating system images?

A. kubectl get nodes
B. kubectl cluster-info
C. kubectl get virtualmachineclasses
D. kubectl get virtualmachineimages


An architect is designing the infrastructure for multiple applications and needs to ensure isolation and control over resources and permissions assigned to each application team.

Which is the easiest and least expensive way to satisfy these requirements?

A. Use a dedicated Supervisor Cluster per application
B. Use dedicated vSphere Namespace per application
C. Use dedicated vSphere Pod per application
D. Use dedicated Kubernetes Deployments per each application


Refer to the exhibit.

A developer deployed Nginx with 2 replicas on a new Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster, but the deployment did not move to a ready state.

What is the next step to troubleshoot?

A. kubectl describe pods
B. kubectl describe replicasets
C. kubectl get pods
D. kubectl get errors


What are the pre-requisites for installing the Harbor registry in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)?

A. Install Harbor helm from vCenter.
B. Deploy a management cluster, download and install the TKG extensions and Carvel tools.
C. Deploy a management cluster, launch the Harbor installation wizard.
D. Deploy a management cluster and install Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions.


What is the MINIMUM required version of vSphere to install Tanzu Kubernetes Grid?

A. 6.0 Update 1
B. 6.5 Update 2
C. 6.7 Update 1
D. 6.7 Update 3


Refer to the exhibit.

Which two options can be modified in order to expose Nginx app using Ingress Controller? (Choose two.)

A. Change type to IngressController
B. Change type to LoadBalancer
C. Change type to NodePort
D. Change type to HostPort
E. Change type to AntreaCni


On VMware vSphere with Tanzu, which attribute identifies the etcd Leader node using the vSphere Client?

A. amount of memory resources
B. number of Networks
C. number of IP addresses
D. amount of compute resources


What is the period of time to consider DISCONNECTED state for a cluster in Tanzu Mission Control?

A. 3 minutes
B. 1 minute
C. 2 minutes
D. 5 minutes


Which upgrade method can be used for an ‘in-place’ Kubernetes update?

A. Run “kubectl patch” command against a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
B. Change the VirtualMachineClass on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
C. Change the number of control plane nodes
D. Change the StorageClass on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster


How are Tanzu Kubernetes clusters upgraded?

A. Deploy a new cluster with upgraded Kubernetes release
B. Rolling upgrades
C. Clusters are only upgraded offline
D. In-place upgrade for each node


Which two roles are required to attach clusters in Tanzu Mission Control? (Choose two.)

A. cluster.attach.admin
B. clustergroup.attach.admin
C. clustergroup.edit
D. clusters.admin
E. cluster.admin


Which is the correct statement describing the characteristic of a pod?

A. Pod is the smallest entity managed by Docker.
B. Pod can contain only one container.
C. Containers in a pod start and stop together.
D. Pod is deployed directly on the virtual machine.


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