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Latest Update ServiceNow CIS-RC Exam Questions and Answers Online Test

UCF has a collection of what? Select all UCF terms. (Choose three.)
A. Control Indicators
B. Authority Documents
C. Policies
D. Citations
E. Controls
Correct Answer: BDE


The ServiceNow Platform requires which external components in order to ingest data from other systems?
A. The platform includes an SDK template that allows developers to enhance it using Java
B. A messaging bus needs to be developed
C. The platform allows XML to be ingested, and it required developers to leverage XSLT to map it properly
D. The platform has an Integration Service that allows users and developers to ingest data from a variety of sources
Correct Answer: D


Jim is an Audit Manager. In addition to the Audit Manager, which roles should be assigned to ensure he can manage the
audit process as well as other GRC functions related to audit? (Choose two.)
A. sn_grc.manager
B. sn_audit.user
C. sn_grc.user
D. sn_grc.reader
E. sn_grc.developer
Correct Answer: AB

Which table stored the links from Entity to Entity Types?
A. [sn_compliance_m2m_profile_profile_type]
B. [sn_risk_m2m_risk_profile]
C. [sn_compliance_m2m_policy_profile]
D. [sn_grc_m2m_profile_profile_type]
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following statements is true of a Risk Response task?
A. Only one Risk Response task can be related to a Risk at a time
B. Only users with the risk_manager role or higher can be assigned to a Risk Response task
C. The risk admin role is required to assign the Risk Response task
D. The Risk Response task is automatically progressed through the states using a workflow
Correct Answer: C


When calculating compliance scores, what is true about the weighting of Controls? (Choose two.)
A. Controls are not weighted equally by default
B. The weight cannot be changed
C. The default value is 10
D. The weight of the Control is set when the Control is created
Correct Answer: CD


What would you leverage in order to provide users with an alternate user experience to view policies, create policy
exceptions, and search for controls?
A. Help Desk Portal
B. Catalog Portal
C. Access Portal
D. Service Portal
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following statements correctly describes the risk management lifecycle process?
A. Access, Identify and Plan, Control, Review
B. Control, Review, Assess, Identify, and Plan
C. Identify and Plan, Assess, Control, Review
D. Identify and Plan, Review, Assess, Control
Correct Answer: A


The Tablename.config:
A. Displays the configuration list view of the table in the browser tab
B. Displays the table in a list view within the Content Frame
C. Displays the table in a list view within a separate browser tab
D. Displays the configuration list view of the table in the Content Frame
Correct Answer: A


What table, along with the Policy table, is linked to the Control Objective table by a many-to-many relationship?
A. Entity Class
B. Citation
C. Authority Documents
D. Risk Framework
Correct Answer: B


Which GRC application would you use to manage internal or external consultancy processes that aim to prove the
effectiveness of controls?
A. Audit Management
B. Risk Management
C. Vendor Risk Management
D. Policy and Compliance Management
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following extends from items?
A. Citation
B. Controls
C. Issue
D. Policy
Correct Answer: D


What are the Risk Scoring methods available in ServiceNow? (Choose two.)
A. Quantitative
B. Qualitative
C. Inherent
D. Residual
E. Calculated
Correct Answer: AB

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