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March, 2022

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Which two capabilities are supported by VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Application Profiler? (Choose two.)

A. It allows individual user personalization of applications.
B. It allows the creation of computer templates.
C. It allows third-party user personalization of applications.
D. It allows the creation of application-specific predefined settings.
E. It analyzes registry and file system location settings for an application.

Correct Answer: DE


An administrator needs to deploy an application to specific users in their instant-clone desktop environment with the following characteristics:

The application needs to be updated very frequently.
The application needs to be installed as soon as possible.
The application is not multi-user aware.
Which solution would meet the requirements?

A. VMware Horizon Published Application
B. VMware Thinapp
C. VMware App Volumes
D. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

Correct Answer: A


What are three valid options to store Horizon events? (Choose three.)

A. flat files
C. D82
E. Syslog

Correct Answer: BDE


Which two scenarios are appropriate for a Cloud implementation of a VDI solution over an on-premises solution? (Choose two.)

A. The organization already has the infrastructure to support a VDI.
B. The organization needs to set up high availability and disaster recovery.
C. The organization controls highly confidential data.
D. The organization has a limited CapEx budget.
E. The organization needs to quickly scale up in disparate geographical locations.

Correct Answer: DE



Integration of VMware Horizon resources with Workspace ONE consists of several high-level steps.
Drag and drop the integration steps on the left into the correct sequential order on the right.
Select and Place:

vmware 2v0-51.21 questions 5

Correct Answer:

vmware 2v0-51.21 questions 5-1


Which description explains Cloud Pod Architecture?

A. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature that requires additional licenses to activate and use.

B. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature only available when using Windows virtual desktops in a Horizon environment.

C. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature that provides cross-data center administration, high availability desktops, and disaster recovery capabilities.

D. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature that allows a vSphere cluster to become highly available for virtual desktops.

Correct Answer: C


End-users are complaining that they are frequently being asked for credentials when opening additional apps.

Which step should the administrator take to resolve the issue?

A. Configure SSO Timeout by modifying the Global Settings in Horizon Administrator.
B. Configure Session Timeout by modifying the Client Settings in Horizon Client.
C. Configure a time limit by modifying the Horizon GPO.
D. Configure Desktop Timeout by modifying the Pool Settings in Horizon Administrator.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator configured a virtual machine to use an NVIDIA card but the virtual machine is not starting up.

What could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

A. No suitable host could be found.
B. Not all memory has been reserved on the VM.
C. Not all CPUs have been reserved on the VM.
D. The Desktop Pool doesn\’t support 3D cards.
E. 3D graphics cannot be used with local storage.

Correct Answer: AB



The virtualization of physical resources after the installation of a hypervisor follows a specific procedure.
Drag and drop the procedural steps on the left into the correct sequential order on the right.
Select and Place:

vmware 2v0-51.21 questions 9

Correct Answer:

vmware 2v0-51.21 questions 9-1


A Horizon administrator is tasked with creating a new pool of desktops with hardware-accelerated graphics with vMotion support.

Which graphic acceleration types can the administrator choose to meet the requirement?

A. Virtual Shared Direct 3D
B. Virtual Shared 3D rendering
C. Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration
D. Virtual Shared Pass-through Graphics Acceleration

Correct Answer: C


An administrator has been tasked by their organization with determining the type of Horizon deployment to use.

These requirements have been provided to the administrator:

Implement quickly the deployment of Windows and Linux desktops.
Provide hybrid cloud support.
Provide centralized brokering.
Ensure the environment is secure from end to end.

Which deployment solution meets the requirements?

A. vSphere Desktop Edition
B. Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management
C. Horizon On-Premises
D. Horizon Cloud on Azure

Correct Answer: D


An administrator is tasked with giving the security team non-destructive rights to see how the connection servers have been configured.

What privilege is needed to meet the requirement?

A. Global Configuration and Policy Administrators (Read-only)
B. Inventory Administrators (Read-only)
C. Settings Administrator (Read-only)
D. Administrators (Read-only)

Correct Answer: D

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1. Which component is mandatory for user authentication in vRealize Automation?

A. Active Directory
C. Workspace ONE Access
D. vRealize Operations Manager


2. An administrator is troubleshooting an application via Workbench in vRealize Operations Manager and would like to only view root causes.

Which option must the administrator select?

A. Specify Time Range
B. Decrease Object Scope
C. Hide Consequential Evidence
D. Investigate Property Changes


3. Which is the valid use case for vRealize Automation?

A. Multi-cloud deployment with governance
B. Providing the compute layer for Kubernetes
C. Infrastructure and application monitoring
D. Central repository for Perl scripts


4. An administrator is tasked to allow the organization\\’s users to consume vRealize Automation services.

Which solution is used for this configuration?

A. vCenter Server
B. Active Directory
C. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
D. Workspace ONE Access


5. An administrator has been tasked with creating a dashboard where the date range for the data displayed can be changed by the consumer of the dashboard.

Which time/date setting should the administrator configure for the widgets in the dashboard?

A. Dashboard Time
B. Relative Data Range
C. Absolute Date Range
D. Specific Data Range


6. Which benefit is gained through the use of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager?

A. Lowers IT spending
B. Reduces the need for vRealize Suite product licenses
C. Simplifies vRealize Suite product upgrades
D. Helps in app migration


7. Which vRealize Network Insight search query is using a nested operator?

A. vm where name not matches ` [a-z] vm-delta [0-9] `
B. vm where in (vm where name = `x\\’)
C. vms where memory >= 4096 mb
D. vms where ip address != \\’\\’


8. An administrator needs to provide a support team access to live data from within vRealize Operations to troubleshoot an on-going application performance issue.

Which actions should the administrator take to help the support team?

A. Create an Alert Definition, and configure an outbound notification.
B. Create a Report, and configure a daily schedule.
C. Create a Dashboard, and configure dashboard sharing.
D. Create a Capacity Scenario, and automatically share the capacity remaining results.


9. Which tool can be used to visualize cloud resource relationships and associated misconfigurations, threats, metadata, and change activity?

A. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
B. CloudHealth Secure State
C. vRealize Log Insight
D. VMware Cloud Foundation


10. Which component of the VMware Cloud Management solution simplifies the deployment, upgrade, configuration, and management of vRealize Suite components?

A. SaltStack Config
B. Lifecycle Manager
C. SDDC Manager
D. VMware CIM APIs


11. An operator has been tasked with powering on a single virtual machine that has been onboarded, along with a number of additional virtual machines, into a single deployment within vRealize Automation.

The virtual machine was onboarded in a powered-off state.

Which two actions could the operator take to complete the task? (Choose two.)

A. Locate the deployment in vRealize Automation, and use the Power On Day 2 action.
B. Locate the virtual machine in vRealize Log Insight, and use the Power On action.
C. Locate the deployment in vRealize Operations, and use the Power on action.
D. Locate the virtual machine in vRealize Operations, and use the Power On action.
E. Locate the virtual machine in vRealize Automation, and use the Power On Day 2 action.


12. Which component of vRealize Automation delivers event-driven and self-healing configuration management of software on provisioned resources?

A. Service Broker
B. Code Stream
C. SaltStack Config
D. Cloud Assembly

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