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lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q1

Refer to the exhibit. Which two functions are performed by the load balancer when it handles traffic originating from the
Internet destined to an application hosted on the file server farm? (Choose two.)
A. Terminate the TLS over the UDP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
B. Terminate the TLS over the UDP connection from the router and originate an HTTP connection to the selected
C. Terminate the TLS over the TCP connection from the router and originate an HTTP connection to the selected
D. Terminate the TLS over the TCP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
E. Terminate the TLS over the SCTP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
Correct Answer: DE


lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q2 lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q2-1 lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q2-2

Refer to the exhibit. Which line of code must be added to this code snippet to allow an application to pull the next set of
paginated items?
A. requests.get(url, links=[`next\\’][`url\\’])
B. requests.get(url, headers=links[`next\\’][`url\\’])
C. requests.get(res.links[`next\\’][`url\\’], headers=headers)
D. requests.get(res.headers.get(`Link”)[`next\\’][`url\\’], headers=headers)
Correct Answer: C


lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q3

Refer to the exhibit. The cURL POST request creates an OAuth access token for authentication with FDM API requests.
What is the purpose of the file “@token_data” that cURL is handling?
A. This file is a container to log possible error responses in the request.
B. This file is given as input to store the access token received from FDM.
C. This file is used to send authentication-related headers.
D. This file contains raw data that is needed for token authentication.
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements describe the advantages of static code analysis over unit tests? (Choose two.)
A. It checks for potentially tainted data where input is not checked.
B. It enforces proper coding standards and style.
C. It performs a quick analysis of whether tests will pass or fail when run.
D. It checks for race conditions in threaded applications.
E. It estimates the performance of the code when run.
Correct Answer: BC

Which two data encoding techniques are supported by gRPC? (Choose two.)
D. ProtoBuf
Correct Answer: BE

Which statement about microservices architecture is true?
A. Applications are written in a single unit.
B. It is a complex application composed of multiple independent parts.
C. It is often a challenge to scale individual parts.
D. A single faulty service can bring the whole application down.
Correct Answer: B

Which HTTP status code indicates that a client application is experiencing intentional rate limiting by the server?
A. 202
B. 401
C. 429
D. 503
Correct Answer: C

An application is being built to collect and display telemetry streaming data. Drag and drop the elements of this stack
from the left onto the correct element functions on the right.
Select and Place:

lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q8

Which type of file is created from issued intermediate, root, and primary certificates for SSL installation on a server?
Correct Answer: C

Click on the GET Resource button above to view resources that will help with this question.

lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q10 lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q10-1 lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q10-2 lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q10-3

An engineer is managing a DC with 6000 Cisco UCS servers installed and running. The engineer has been asked to
identify all resources where the model is in the UCSB family and the available memory is less than or equal to 5 GB.
Which REST API call accomplishes this task?
A. GET/api/v1/compute/RackUnits?$select=Vendor,Model,Serialand$filter=not(Model eq `UCSC\\’) and
AvailableMemory le 5000
B. GET/api/v1/compute/RackUnits?$select=Vendor,Model,Serialand$filter=Model eq `UCSB\\’ and AvailableMemory lt
C. GET/api/v1/compute/RackUnits?$select=Vendor,Model,Serialand$filter=contains(Model, UCSB\\’) and
AvailableMemory lt 5000
D. GET/API/v1/compute/RackUnits?$select=Vendor,Model,Serialand$filter=contains(Model, UCSB\\’) and
AvailableMemory le 5000
Correct Answer: D


lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q11

Refer to the exhibit. a developer created the code, but it fails to execute. Which code snippet helps to identify the

lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q11-1

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C

Into which two areas are AppDynamics APIs categorized? (Choose two.)

A. application-centric
B. analytics-events
C. database-visibility
D. platform-side
E. agent-side
Correct Answer: DE


lead4pass 350-901 exam questions q13

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration of method and parameter retrieves the health of a laptop connected to the
network from Cisco DNA Center?
A. PUT; network-health;
B. GET; client-health;
C. GET; network-device;
D. POST; network-device;
Correct Answer: C

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