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2v0-71.21 dumps

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Which command is used to upgrade a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cluster (TKG) to a different kubernetes version?

A. tkg cluster upgrade –k8s-version
B. tkg upgrade cluster –kubernetes-version
C. tkg cluster upgrade –kubernetes-version
D. tkg upgrade cluster –version



What role is used to run cluster inspection on Tanzu Mission Control console?

A. Cluster.edit role
B. Credential.admin role
C. Credential.view role
D. Create role



To configure a cluster with user authentication in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), which options are needed to deploy
Dex on a management cluster running on vSphere? (Choose two.)

A. Dex with Local Authentication
B. Dex with Active Directory
C. Dex with OpenLDAP
D. Dex with OIDC
E. Dex with LDAP



What is the command to find out the available node base operating system images?

A. kubectl get nodes
B. kubectl cluster-info
C. kubectl get virtualmachineclasses
D. kubectl get virtualmachineimages



What is a standard solution for a Kubernetes administrator to implement pod security?

A. iptables
B. Add check for validating YAML
D. Use trusted corporate repository



Which is the correct statement describing the characteristic of a pod?

A. Pod is the smallest entity managed by Docker.
B. Pod can contain only one container.
C. Containers in a pod start and stop together.
D. Pod is deployed directly on the virtual machine.



How are Tanzu Kubernetes clusters upgraded?

A. Deploy a new cluster with upgraded Kubernetes release
B. Rolling upgrades
C. Clusters are only upgraded offline
D. In-place upgrade for each node



Select the tkg cli command below that provides valid syntax for scaling a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster:

A. tkg scale cluster_name –cp-machine-count 5 –node-count 10
B. tkg scale cluster cluster_name –controlplane-machine-count 5 –worker-machine-count 10
C. tkg scale cluster_name –controlplane-machine-count 5 –worker-machine-count 10
D. tkg scale cluster cluster_name –cp-machine-count 5 –node-count 10



After successfully configuring vSphere Container Storage Interface (CSI), what is the path an administrator can follow to
view the status of the container volumes?

A. Describe the StorafeClass via kubectl.
B. vSAN Data Store in ESXi Host Client.
C. Get the status of the pods vis kubectl.
D. Container volumes in vSphere Client.



A Tanzu Mission Control administrator would like to enforce the following container controls:
Require Digest.
Name-Tag Allowlist.
To which type of policies do these controls belong to?

A. Security
B. Registry
C. Access
D. Network



What is the command to recognize a cluster in a disconnected state to Tanzu Mission Control?

A. tmc cluster configure -n -k
B. tmc configure cluster -n -k
C. tmc join cluster -n -k
D. tmc cluster reattach -n -k



Which is the correct option to forward logs from Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters to Elastic, Kafka, Splunk or an HTTP

A. No action is required. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid automatically forwards the logfiles to syslog.
B. Use the kubectl get logs command to forward the logs
C. Deploy the fluent bit plugin to vRealize Log Insight
D. Deploy the fluent bit plugin to vRealize Log Insight

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