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vmware 2v0-61.20 exam questions q1

An administrator is setting up the organization group (OG) hierarchy using this information:
company has two departments to enroll devices into
company has one Active Directory to integrate with
company has only one Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account to deploy Purchased apps
What is VMware\’s recommended best practice for which OG should be set to Customer type?

A. Global
B. Company
C. Department 2
D. Department 1


Which two are needed from the directory when configuring user and group settings for Directory Service integration?
(Choose two.)

A. Base DN
B. Group and Function Class
C. Functional Level
D. User and Group Object Class
E. AD Server IP



Which is true about Workspace ONE compatibility when deploying content across different device types?

A. Content can be distributed to devise types including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
B. Content cannot be distributed by Workspace ONE.
C. Content cannot be distributed only to iOS devices.
D. Content can be distributed to devise types including iOS, Android, and Windows.



A certificate profile set to AUTO will expire in 2 days and no new certificates are being renewed.
Which certificate template configuration can an administrator modify to start renewing these certificates sooner?

A. Set or lower the certificate the private key length.
B. Set or increase the certificate revocation period.
C. Set or lower the certificate revocation period.
D. Set or increase the certificate auto-renewal period.


Which three internal applications are supported by Workspace ONE UEM 20.01? (Choose three.)

A. .ipa
B. .apk
C. .msi
D. .msix
E. .ppkg
F. .app


When Single Logout (SLO) is disabled in a third-party identity provider configuration of Workspace ONE Access, what is
the default action was taken upon a user signing out of Workspace ONE Access?

A. The user is redirected back to the Workspace ONE Access catalog.
B. The user is redirected to the third-party identity provider URL provided in the metadata.
C. The user is redirected to a custom URL provided in the identity provider configuration.
D. The user is redirected to the default Workspace ONE Access login page.

Reference: (Single
Sign-out configuration)


Which three security technologies in Workspace ONE ensure endpoint data loss prevention on devices? (Choose

A. The device is encrypted.
B. The device is made FIPs compliant.
C. The device user\’s directory password rotation policy is applied.
D. The device is monitored with real-time threat detection.
E. The device has a compliant passcode.


Which is the default service lookup when configuring and integrating Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in
VMware Identity Manager?

A. Active Directory Integrated Windows
B. Active Directory over LDAP
C. Enterprise OVA Connector
D. Enterprise System Connector


IT management has announced all traffic from the DMZ will be blocked unless it passes through a newly configured
proxy, effective immediately. Administrators notice that SEGv2 is unable to contact the Workspace ONE API server.
Which configuration will the administrators need to amend and apply to the SEGv2 servers?

A. inbound proxy
B. SSL offloading
C. KCD integration
D. outbound proxy

Reference: (21)


What are the setting options for sync frequency in Workspace ONE Access Directory?

A. Manually, once per week, twice each day, every hour
B. Manually, once per week, once per day, every hour
C. Manually, once every other week, once per day, every hour
D. Manually, once per week, once per day, every half hour



Which is required to deliver a Check-In, Check-Out experience on an Android Device?

A. Enable VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence.
B. Deliver Launcher profile to the end-user.
C. Use a basic use as a staging account.
D. Block open enrollment into Workspace ONE UEM.


A Workspace ONE administrator is configuring email for an organization that uses Microsoft Exchange Online (Office
365). The organization has an extreme security posture and wants to require all email attachments to be encrypted. Which is needed to meet the organization\’s requirement?

A. Boxer with DLP enabled
B. PowerShell integration with default blacklist
C. Native Mail configuration with device pin based encryption
D. SEGv2 with content transforms



A Workspace ONE UEM SaaS environment is no longer synchronizing new users with Active Directory. All configuration
settings are correct and the users and groups are mapped properly in the console.
Which integration server should be checked for connectivity issues?

A. Secure Email Gateway
B. Unified Access Gateway
C. Device Services Server
D. AirWatch Cloud Connector

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