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An EMC Avamar customer is deploying a backup solution consisting of two EMC Avamar servers (server A and server

B) with replication. 

Which configuration provides seamless server failover capability? 

A. All clients back up to Avamar server A and backup data is replicated to Avamar server B using root-to-root


B. Clients of server A replicate to Avamar server B and clients of Avamar server B replicate to Avamar server A using

Normal replication. 

C. Using root-to-root replication, clients of Avamar server A replicate to Avamar server B and clients of Avamar server B

replicate to Avamar server A. 

D. All clients back up to Avamar server A and backup data is replicated to Avamar server B using Normal replication. 

Correct Answer: A 


What are the various severity levels contained in each Dell EMC Avamar log? 

A. Info, Warn, Error, and Fatal 

B. Info, Problem, Warn, and Fatal 

C. Info, Problem, Warning, and Fail 

D. Info, Warning, Error, and Fail 

Correct Answer: D 



Which component should be stopped and started, before and after specifying the e-mail home smtp server? 


B. gsan 


D. dtlt 

Correct Answer: A 


Which port must be open on an EMC Avamar utility node to be able to browse a client file system? 

A. 26000 

B. 27000 

C. 28001 

D. 28002 

Correct Answer: D 


What is the default duration of the Backup window in EMC Avamar? 

A. 6 hours 

B. 8 hours 

C. 10 hours 

D. 12 hours 

Correct Answer: D 


After completing the initial root-to-root system migration, you are ready to switch over to the new target system. You

have been performing some critical backups of key systems during this initial replication phase. Which key step must be

done prior to the final switchover to ensure all backups are present on the target? 

A. Perform a final catchup replication 

B. Perform all required DNS changes 

C. Run an MCS flush on the target 

D. Run an MCS flush on the source 

Correct Answer: C 


On a Dell EMC Avamar server, what is the file extension of stripes that contain backup chunks? 

A. dat 

B. wlg 

C. tab 

D. chd 

Correct Answer: A 


A company has requested that a Dell EMC Avamar Administrator console be installed on a server so that an Avamar

server can be managed in a high security environment. Since firewalls are in use, which port will require a rule so that

the Avamar server and Administrator console can communicate? 

A. 443 

B. 5555 

C. 7778 

D. 28002 

Correct Answer: C 



You have correctly executed the EMC Avamar network definition utility and rebooted all of the nodes in your Avamar

server. To check that the nodes have been defined correctly, you execute the command mapall –all –user=root date. 

Which nodes should respond by displaying the output of the command? 

A. Utility node and active data nodes only 

B. Utility node, active data nodes, and spare node 

C. Active data nodes and spare node only 

D. Active data nodes only 

Correct Answer: A 


How many hours does the benchmark test run in an AVE install? 

A. 6 

B. 12 

C. 24 

D. 36 

Correct Answer: C 


Which is the last step in the hardware installation portion of an EMC Avamar multinode deployment? 

A. Connecting to the customer network 

B. Cabling the nodes to the switch 

C. Powering on the nodes 

D. Placing nodes in the rack 

Correct Answer: A 


What is the minimum physical RAM requirement for a 0.5 TB installation of EMC AVE? 

A. 1024 MB 

B. 2048 MB 

C. 3072 MB 

D. 4096 MB 

Correct Answer: C 


Which command is used to discover and list physical node numbers and IP addresses on a multi-node Dell EMC

Avamar server? 

A. status.dpn 

B. rebuild.node 

C. asktime 

D. mapall 

Correct Answer: D

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