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Latest Update PMI CAPM Exam Questions and Answers Online Test

Impacts to other organizational areas, levels of service, and acceptance criteria are typical components of which
A. Business case
B. Work breakdown structure
C. Requirements documentation
D. Risk register
Correct Answer: C


Units of measure, level of precision, level of accuracy, control thresholds, and rules of performance measurement are
examples of items that are established in the:
A. Cost management plan.
B. Work performance information.
C. Quality management plan.
D. Work breakdown structure.
Correct Answer: A


An electronics firm authorizes a new project to develop a faster, cheaper, and smaller laptop after improvements in the
industry and electronics technology. With which of the following strategic considerations is this project mainly
A. Customer request
B. Market demand
C. Technological advance
D. Strategic opportunity
Correct Answer: C


Which process in Project Time Management includes reserve analysis as a tool or technique?
A. Estimate Activity Resources
B. Sequence Activities
C. Estimate Activity Durations
D. Develop Schedule
Correct Answer: C


A tool and technique used during the Define Scope process is:
A. facilitated workshops.
B. observations.
C. questionnaires and surveys.
D. group creativity techniques.
Correct Answer: A


Which tool or technique is used in validating the scope of a project?
A. Facilitated workshops
B. Interviews
C. Inspection
D. Meetings
Correct Answer: C


Which is a communication method used in the Report Performance process?
A. Expert judgment
B. Project management methodology
C. Stakeholder analysis
D. Status review meetings
Correct Answer: D

In the Initiating Process Group, at what point does the project become officially authorized?
A. When the project charter is signed
B. When all the stakeholders agree on the scope of the project
C. When the project manager is appointed
D. When the necessary finance or funding is obtained
Correct Answer: A


Who is responsible for determining which processes from the Process Groups will be employed and who will be
performing them?
A. Project sponsor and project manager
B. Project sponsor and functional manager
C. Project manager and project team
D. Project team and functional manager
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following are outputs of Develop Project Team?
A. Human resources plan changes and project staff assignment updates
B. Project management plan updates and enterprise environmental factor updates
C. Resource calendars and project management plan updates
D. Team performance assessments and enterprise environmental factor updates
Correct Answer: D


Assigned risk ratings are based upon:
A. Root cause analysis.
B. Risk probability and impact assessment.
C. Expert judgment.
D. Revised stakeholders\\’ tolerances.
Correct Answer: B


Inputs to the Plan Schedule Management process include:
A. Organizational process assets and the project charter,
B. Enterprise environmental factors and schedule tools.
C. Time tables and Pareto diagrams.
D. Activity attributes and resource calendars.
Correct Answer: A


Define Activities and Estimate Activity Resources are processes in which project management Knowledge Area?
A. Project Time Management
B. Project Cost Management
C. Project Scope Management
D. Project Human Resource Management
Correct Answer: A

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