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Cisco CCIE 400-151 dumps, 400-151 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

The latest Cisco CCIE 400-151 exam dumps and exercises test questions and answers, These free exercises will help you improve 400-151 CCIE Data Center test skills,We share 400-151 pdf for free to download and learn, and you can also watch 400-151 YouTube videos online! We share 40 real effective exam questions and answers for free if you want to get the full 400-151 exam dumps: (Total questions:491 Q&A)->> updated throughout the year! Make sure you pass the exam easily!

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Latest effective Cisco 400-151 Exam Practice Tests

Which two parameters must be identical per interface while configuring virtual port channels? (Choose two)
A. network access control
B. Bridge Assurance setting
C. maximum transmission unit
D. Protocol Independent Multicast
E. IP Source Guard
Correct Answer: BC

What is the purpose of the management interface monitoring policy?
A. to monitor the management interface counts for errors and drops
B. to prevent VM traffic form being black-holed during a cluster switchover
C. to sync MAC address tables between peer fabric interconnects
D. to ensure that management interface of the managing fabric interconnect can reach the gateway
Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q3A. The service profile in organization IS-SecureESX10 is trying to be associated to chassis 1 blade 7
B. The error is triggered when the service profile pn is being associated.
C. The only way to fix the problem is to delete the service profile and start again with the proper MAC and WWPN pool
D. If you ignore the warning and press Yes, the association fails because no MAC address is assigned
Correct Answer: D

Which transceiver allows 40 GB Ethernet Connectivity by leveraging a single pair of multimode fibers?
C. FET-40G
Correct Answer: D

Which three CLI configuration commands are for port profile as a private VLAN on Cisco Nexus 1000V Series switch?
(Choose 3)
A. Switch (config-port-prof) # switch port private-vlan trunk allowed vlan vlan-range
B. Switch (Config) # port-profile type vethernet name
C. Switch (config-port-porf) # switch port mode private-vlan host promiscuous
D. Switch (config-port-porf) # switch port Private-vlan mapping primary_vlan add scondary_vlan
E. Switch (config-port-porf) # switch port Private-vlan host-association primary_vlan secondary_vlan
Correct Answer: ADE

Which two statements about import and export route control in an ACI fabric are true? (Choose two)
A. Prefixes learned from OSPF/EIGRP L3Outs are never permitted inbound by default
B. Prefixes learned from BGP L3outs cannot be filtered inbound
C. Prefixes permitted inbound are redistributed into MP-BGP at the ingress leaf
D. Export route control controls if the prefixes are redistributed from MP-BGP to the egress leaf
E. By default import route control is always enabled while export route control is always disabled
Correct Answer: CD

Refer to the Exhibit. Many tools are available to troubleshoot an ACI fabric. Which tool is this sample output from?lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q7A. Traffic map
B. iPing
C. traceroute
D. atomic counters
Correct Answer: D

Which three statements about ip source guard are true? (Choose 3) A. IP source guard is dependent upon DHCP
snooping to build and maintain the IP-MAC-Address binding table or upon manual maintenance of static IP-source
B. IP source guard requires that DHCP snooping is disabled.
C. By default, IP source guard is enabled on all interfaces.
D. IP source guard limits IP traffic on an interface to only those sources that have an IP-MAC-Address binding table
entry or static IP source entry
E. When you first enable IP source guard on an interface, you may experience disruption in IP traffic until the hosts on
the interface receive a new IP address from a DHCP server
Correct Answer: ADE

Which three options are SDN Southbound protocols? (Choose three)
C. OpenFlow
D. Puppet
Correct Answer: BCE

Which statement about updating the service profile is true?
A. Updating service profile templates can have vNIC and vHBA templates that are lnitial templates.
B. Updating service profile templates cannot have vNIC and vHBA templates that are lnitial templates
C. Changes made to a vNIC templat that is an Updating template are not propagated to the service profile if the service
profile templat is lnitial.
D. Updating service profile templates can only be applied to an existing service profile.
E. Changes made to a vNIC template that is an lnitial template are propagated to the service profole if the service profile
template is Updating
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output, what is the most likely reason for the failure of the iSCSI boot?lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q11A. There is no gateway configured on the iSCSI vNIC.
B. The LUN is not masked correctly on the storage array.
C. CHAP authentication is not configured correctly.
D. The latency between the imitator and target is too high.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which three steps must be taken to add NFS storage to the Cisco UCS domain ? (Choose 3) n ACI
environment from the left onto the correct d
A. Configure fabric interconnect A and B to Ethernet switching mode.
B. Configure Eth1/17 as a unified storage port.
C. Configure Eth1/17 as an appliance port.
D. Configure a QoS policy for NFS storage.
E. Create a LAN cloud VLAN on fabric A and fabric B.
F. Create an appliance VLAN on fabric A and fabric B.
Correct Answer: ACF

Which two statements about multicast routing are true? (Choose 2)
A. You can define RPF routes for multicast when you want multicast data to diverge from the unicast traffic path
B. Multicast routes are used to directly forward traffic without making RPF checks
C. You can define RPF routes for multicast on border routers to enable reverse path forwarding to an external network
D. RPF routes for multicast can be distributed
E. Ipv6 static multicast routes are supported
Correct Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. Your application has reduced health score. Upon inspection, you find fault that impacts the health
score. The fault currently is the soaking lifecycle state. Which 2 options are possible next steps while in this state?
(Choose 2)lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q14A. The condition ceased by it self and goes into the soaking-cleaning state.
B. The soaking timer expires and moves to the Raised severity level
C. Acknowledge the fault, which immediately clears it from the system
D. The condition ceases by itself an automatically clears the fault
Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 15lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q15Refer to the exhibit. When adding an ASAv to the APIC , the user notices a fault raised on the device. Which cause of
this fault is the most likely?
A. The device package was never uploaded
B. The incorrect username and password was used
C. The configuration specified HTTP and not HTTPS
D. The configuration did not specify “apic” as the username
Correct Answer: D

On which two features does ITD depend? (Choose two)
A. interface-vlan
Correct Answer: BE

Which option is an commonly used network layer protocol in an loT environment?
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about these commands is true? lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q18A. The outputs of the debug are redirected on file test on the “log” directory.
B. The outputs of the debug are redirected to the logging buffer.
C. The command does not have an effect unless you configure “debug enable”.
D. If you are on a console connection, the outputs are shown after the event occurs.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. When the engineer tried to check CoPP on the switch, the engineer observed the error that is
shown in the exhibit. Which option describes the reason for the displayed output?

lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q19

A. The Cisco NX-OS version that is running does not support CoPP.
B. The CoPP feature is not enabled on this switch
C. The CoPP CLI is available from the default VDC
D. CoPP is enabled by default but not configured.
Correct Answer: C

Which statement about soft pinning is incorrect?
A. If no uplink Ethernet port channel is configured with all VLANs on the VNIC. Cisco UCS Manager drops the traffic for
all of the VLANs on the VNIC.
B. When the VLAN validation fails, a VLAN mismatch fault with a severity of warning appears.
C. It is the default behavior Cisco UCS.
D. Cisco UCS Manager pins the VNIC to an uplink Ethernet port or port channel according to VLAN membership
Correct Answer: B

Which mode must the Cisco MDS VSAN be configured for so that it interoperates correctly with a Brocade Fibre
Channel switch that is configured for interop mode?
A. interop mode 2
B. interop mode 4
C. interop mode 3
D. native mode
E. interop mode 1
Correct Answer: E

After VTEP devices are established BGP neighbor adjacencies with other VTEPs or with internal BGP route reflector,
which three pieces of information are exchanged through BGP? (Choose 3)
A. Layer 3 VNI
B. VPNv4 prefixes
C. Router MAC address
D. VTEP peer list
E. VTEP address.
F. MD5 Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) key
Correct Answer: ACE

Which feature in ACI permits the user to specify that HTTP and HTTPS traffic between an L3out EPG and an internal
EPG is sent to a firewall , and SSH and Telnet traffic between the L3Out and the internal EPG bypasses the firewall?
A. policy-based redirect
B. Layer 4 -Layer 7 function profile
C. vzAny contract
D. contracts and filters
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about VPC member ports on this switch is true?lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q24A. VPC ports are error disabled.
B. VPC ports are suspended.
C. Only Orphan ports stay operational.
D. VPC port status remains unchanged.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Based on this portion of an MDS ISCSI configuration, which two statements are true? (Choose 2)lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q25A. The fc-lun 0x0000 mapping to iscsi-lun 0x0000 is not permitted.
B. The ISCSI initiator that connects to target name will see two LUNs numbered as 2 and 4.
C. The ISCSI initiator and the ISCSI target must be in the same zone before LUNs are
available to the host.
D. The ISCSI initiator at nme has access to only one LUN.
E. The ISCSI initiator that connects to targets name will see two LUNs as number 0 and 1.
Correct Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit Server 1 and Server 2 are on the same VLAN but cannot reach each other. Which option describes
the reason?lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q26A. Interface VLAN (SVI) must be configured for this VLAN
B. VLAN is not allowed on the peer link.
C. VLAN is not on Fabric Path mode.
D. Type2 inconsistency prevents the communication.
Correct Answer: C

Which two options can be used for server pool qualifications? (Choose two)
A. chassis model
B. RAID controller
C. firmware version
D. CPU stepping
E. memory speed
Correct Answer: DE

Which option is the advantage of Cisco ACE SSL Offload?
A. Export cipher suite
B. Decentralized certificate management
C. SSL encryption only
D. Front-end SSL
Correct Answer: D

STP provides a loop-free network at the Layer 2 level. Layer 2 LAN ports send and receive STP frames at regular
intervals. Network devices do not forward these frames but use the frames to construct a loop-free path. Which option is
the name of these frames?
A. bridge protocol data units
B. Cisco Discovery Protocol frames
C. Link Layer Discovery Protocol frames
D. runt frames
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Corporate ABC want to implement control by allowing authorized virtual machine MAC addresses to
send traffic to the Internet. The administrator wants to add this MAC ACL on Nexus7k-1 to achieve the task: (Choose 2)
[Configuration Output] Nexus7k-1: Mac access-list mac-ad Permit 0050.561f.73d3 0000. 00ff.ffff any ! Interface e1/1
Mac access-group mac-ad

lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q30

A. The MAC address and mask do not match.
B. The MAC ACL cannot be applied to egress traffic.
C. This command is wrong to apply this ACL under interface.
D. The sequence number is missing from the ACL.
E. The MAC ACL is not supported on Cisco nexus 7000 Series.
Correct Answer: BC

Which two server models support single-wire management for Cisco UCS C-Series integration with Cisco UCS
Manager? (Choose 2)
A. Cisco UCS C200 M2 server
B. Cisco UCS C250 M2 server
C. Cisco UCS C260 M2 server
D. Cisco UCS C240 M3 server
E. Cisco UCS C240 M2 server
Correct Answer: CD

Which option is required by atomic counters to be leveraged in troubleshooting endpoint connecticity?
A. Endpoints must be in different endpoint groups
B. Endpoints must connect to different leaf switches
C. Endpoints must connect to the same leaf switch
D. Endpoints must be in different VRFs
E. Endpoints muts be in different bridge domains
Correct Answer: B

Which two options are advantages of deploying Ethernet-based FCoE switches such as the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series
Switches beyond the access layer? (Choose 2)
A. lower overall throughout compared to native Fibre Channel switches
B. flexibility to support file (NAS) and block (ISCSI and FCoE) storage traffic
C. High-performance Ethernet-based FCoE switches cannot be used in a dedicated SAN core
D. requirement for traffic isolation with dedicated links and storage VDCs is no longer required
E. plans that include 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet speeds
Correct Answer: BE

Which two statements about the Fibre Channel over Ethernet Virtual Link Establishment are true? (Choose 2)
A. FLOGI/FDISC ACCEPT is part of the FCoE protocol.
B. Fibre Channel commands are part of the FIP protocol.
C. VLAN discovery is part of FIP protocol.
D. FCF discovery is part FCoE protocol.
E. FLOGI/FDISC is part of the FIP protocol.
Correct Answer: CE

Which two connectivity modes does Cisco RISE support? (Choose two)
A. Directly connected. No virtual port channel is supported.
B. Indirectly connected. Only Layer 3 adjacent.
C. Indirectly connected. Only Layer 2 adjacent
D. Indirectly connected. Layer 2 and Layer 3 adjacent.
E. Directly connected. Virtual port channel is supported.
Correct Answer: CE

Which three options are valid local disk configuration policies? (Choose 3)
A. RAID 40
B. RAID 60
D. RAID 30
E. RAID 50
Correct Answer: BEF

Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) provides an overlay that enables Layer 2 connectivity between separate Layer 2
domains, while keeping these domains independent and preserving the fault isolation, resiliency, and load-balancing
benefits of an IP-based interconnection. Which statements are true about OTV Adjacency Server? (Choose 2)
A. Adjacency Server is required when OTV is deployed with unicast-only transport.
B. Adjacency Server is required when OTV is deployed with multicast-enabled transport.
C. Each OTV device wishing to join a specific OTV logical overlay needs to first register with the Adjacency Server.
D. Each OTV device trying to join a specific OTV logical overlay needs to be configured as an Adjacency Server.
Correct Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibits. After you upgrade Cisco UCS firmware, some of your blades have these error messages. Which
description of the problem is true?lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q38A. Storage provisioning is not configured
B. VNIC template must be converted to updating.
C. Some components are deprecated.
D. Service profile requires as connectivity policy
Correct Answer: D

Which option is a data modeling language used to model configuration and state data of network elements.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Your application has a reduced health score.Upon inspection,you find a fault that impacts the health
score. The fault currently is in the soaking lifecycle stare. Which two options are possible next steps while in this state?
(Choose two)lead4pass 400-151 exam question - q40A. Acknowledge the fault. which immediately clears it from the system
B. Once the soaking timer expires the fault ceases and no change is expected in sevenity level.
C. The condition ceases by itself and goes into the soaking-clearing state
D. The condition ceases by itself and automatically clears the fault
E. The soaking timer expires and moves to the Raised sevenity
Correct Answer: CE

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