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Lead4Pass New Update VMware 2v0-81.20 Dumps Exam Questions 2022

v0-81.20 dumps 2022

VMware has a history of 24 years until today and is an American cloud computing and virtualization technology company, which is a very mature company. If you want to become a member of it, you first need to have VMware certification!

Today I introduce to you Exam 2v0-81.20: Professional VMware Security.
This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of VMware’s security solutions and the candidate’s ability to administer the security features and functions of NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.
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VCP-SEC 2v0-81.20 online exam (answers posted at the end of the article):


When deploying a Carbon Black Cloud Sensor using GPO, which option is a required setting?




In the NSX Manager UI, which tab is selected to manage firewall rules?

A. Plan and Troubleshoot tab
B. Security tab
C. Inventory tab
D. Networking tab



Refer to the exhibit.

2v0-81.20 q3

What command was run on the NSX Edge node to pull this information?

A. get tunnel-ID
B. show vteps
C. get vteps
D. list vteps



A consulting security firm was hired to inspect your infrastructure for vulnerabilities. The firm inspected these items:
badge readers to enter the datacenter locks on server racks security cameras in the datacenter
What type of infrastructure are they inspecting?

A. Virtual Infrastructure

B. Physical Infrastructure
C. Personnel Infrastructure
D. Logical Infrastructure



Which three statements are correct for Active Directory integration with Identity Firewalls (IDFW) in an NSX-T Data
Center deployment? (Choose three.)

A. The IDFW can be used on both physical and virtual servers as long as supported operating system is installed.
B. The Thin Agent must be enabled in VMWare tools as it is not enabled by default.
C. The IDFW can be used for Virtual Desktops (VDI) or Remote desktop sessions (RDSH support).
D. Identity-based groups can be used as the source or destination in DFW rules.
E. User identity information is provided by the NSX Guest Introspection Thin Agent.



An administrator is trying to create a new access policy rule in Workspace ONE Access. Which two options are
available when creating this new access policy rule. (Choose two.)

A. Device OS Version
B. Network Range
C. Compliance State
D. Device Ownership
E. Authentication Method



A company has just implemented new security guidelines in regards to device management. All iOS
devices must now require a passcode to unlock the device.
An administrator must implement these requirements:
all iOS devices must have a passcode minimum passcode length of 6 numerals auto-lock after 2 minutes
What type of profile in Workspace ONE UEM would the administrator create to accomplish this task?

A. Compliance Profile
B. User Profile
C. Device Profile
D. Access Profile



When creating a policy in VMware Carbon Black Cloud, what impact does setting the Target Value to Low have?

A. Alerts Severity scores are raised by 1.
B. Alerts Severity scores are raised by 2.
C. Alerts Severity scores are lowered by 1.
D. Alerts Severity scores are lowered by 2.



An administrator has created a security policy from the NSX UI, but the firewall rules are not being applied
to the traffic in the datapath.
Which two actions could be carried out by the administrator to resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Modify the Direction of the rules in the security policy.
B. Modify the Action of the rules in the security policy.
C. Restart the workloads running on the impacted hosts.
D. Modify the Applied To field of the security policy.
E. Restart the nsx-proxy agent on the impacted hosts.



When creating a Windows Update Policy for a Workspace ONE solution, which option allows an administrator to utilize
local network traffic only for peer traffic?

A. use peers on same NAT only
B. use peers on the same local network domain
C. simple download mode
D. use internet peers



When creating a compliance policy in Workspace ONE UEM, which three of the following options are valid Notify
actions? (Choose three.)

A. Send SMS to Device
B. Send Push Notification to Device
C. Voice Call to User
D. Send Email to User
E. SMS to Manager



Which three options are valid unattended installation options for Carbon Black Cloud Sensors? (Choose three.)


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